Sunshine Face Oil
Sunshine Face Oil

Sunshine Face Oil

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Radiance at your fingertips.

Do you dream of keeping the gorgeous glow you get on vacation? The Sunshine Face Oil is designed to do exactly that.

Nicknamed the “miracle oil” by our fans, the Sunshine Face Oil is a very versatile and potent product that enhances the skin’s natural luminosity, and activates its resilience. A vegan and clean formula containing no paraben, no silicone, no talc, no chemical sunscreen, no gluten, it is extremely gentle to the skin and the environment.

• Organic Moringa Oil boosts the skin in a way very few ingredients can do, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging benefits.
• Organic Argan Oil nurtures the skin deeply, promoting elasticity and preventing aging.
• Vitis Oil,derived from grape, is known and used for its hydrating and firming benefits.
• Shinko Fermented Oil, a precious oil from Asia, gives the formula its gorgeous pink tone, while naturally brightening and smoothing the skin.

How to Use
Mix a few drops with your moisturizer or your foundation for a beautiful natural glow…or place a few drops on your fingertips and apply at the end of your skin care and makeup routine for a fabulous multidimensional radiance. Don’t forget to shake before using!

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Sunshine Face Oil