Kids Bundle #3

Kids Bundle #3

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We know from our friends, family and lots of the MAISON 10 community that many of you now have the responsibility for taking care of the kids’ education during this terrible time and for the foreseeable future! Our fabulous partners over at Workman Publishing have come up with these wonderful book bundles for kids of all ages and for adults who need a bit of a break. The great news is that you can order each bundle directly from us and our friends at Workman will ship them to you directly free! How does that sound – pretty cool huh!?

This little bundle contains:
– Atlas Obscrura Kids
– Potato Chip Science
– Cooking Class
– Brainiest Insaniest Puzzle Book

MAISON 10 has chosen to support 9 charities. A 10th charity has been selected and it is The New York Public Library. If you like, simply tell us which one of these 10 charities you would like to choose at checkout. MAISON 10 will make a 10% donation of the retail cost to your selected charity.