One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List

One Grand Celebrity List

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MAISON 10 has collaborated with Aaron Hicklin from One Grand Desert Island Books to curate a selection of 10 amazing books chosen by 10 amazing people.

One Grand Desert Island Books is a bookstore in Narrowsburg, NY, where celebrated thinkers, writers, artists, and other creative minds share the 10 books they would take to their metaphorical desert island, providing the audience a window into the minds of some of the world’s most engaging people.

Justin Vivian Bond:
PLAY IT AS IT LAYS by Joan Didion
Turned me onto the poetry of nihilism at a very tender age. Spare and strong, ‘I know what 'nothing' means, and keep on playing’.

Pete Buttigieg:
WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel
A brilliant take on politics through historical fiction about Thomas Cromwell in the time of Henry VIII. And it explores what it means to live by a code when you are at political and personal risk.

Alan Cumming:
I found this book so educational in terms of what it must have been like to grow up in America, discovering you need to harbor a secret. And the yearning in these pages is so palpable.

Roxane Gay:
BAD MARIE by Marcy Dermansky
Marie is very very bad which makes her very very interesting and, in fact, endearing. This slender novel is witty and sharp and sexy. It's a wild ride from New York to Paris to Mexico as Marie tries to find herself, at any cost. Oh what ride it is.

Dev Hynes:
I’m a sucker for this morbid yet informative series which chronologically prints interviews from deceased artists ending with their last interview. Baldwin’s words could be applicable today.

Janet Mock:
I first read this novel at 16 and felt centered in ways I’d never felt before as a reader. I’ve since returned to it whenever I feel lost and am given affirmation to journey for answers, like Hurston’s protagonist Janie in the muck.

Maggie Nelson:
TO THE LIGHTHOUSE by Virginia Woolf
It’d be good to be reminded, as I pass my days sitting on a beach under a coconut tree, of all the life, all the beauty and sorrow, all the mystery; all that can be contained within a relatively modest number of pages. It’d be good to be continually reminded, as I grew older, about how much rampant life, how much emotion and conflict and joy and disappointment, can be conveyed in a novel so perfectly, symmetrically structured.

Rufus Wainwright:
It’s all true and it's all good.

Edmund White:
A SINGLE MAN by Christopher Isherwood
The breakthrough gay novel in which the main character, George, is shown as out and integrated into straight society and Isherwood makes no effort to explain ‘how he got that way.’

Jeanette Winterson:
TO BE A MACHINE by Mark O’Connell
Troubling and humorous, this is one of my current give-it-to-everyone books – I buy six copies at a time. Did you know our future belongs to a few asocial geeks for whom being human has always been a problem? Now they can solve it!

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One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List
One Grand Celebrity List