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As part of the F, Yes Collection, Focused honors your steadfast pursuit of success.

We worked for over a year to develop a longer, cleaner burning candle using the highest-quality ingredients.
We make each candle by hand in small batches to ensure and maintain our high-standard for quality.
We use solid, American-made glassware, dual wooden wicks and premium scents with unique essential oil blends.
Our messages our curated by writers and artists from around the world. 

scent: Cedarwood Citrus
Orange / Clove / Cedarwood
It’s like running through an orchard bursting with oranges on a sunny day. A high-energy scent.

This multisensory candle is made with:

A sustainable, all natural coconut wax blend
Natural and ethically sourced minerals for a unique shimmer
Soft-crackling wooden wicks made of wood sourced from FSC-Certified Mills in the USA

A unique blend of essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils
Your multisensory candle will be packaged in a premium retail box.

Burn time: approx. 55-60 hours
Weight: 8.6 oz.

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