F*ck 2020

F*ck 2020

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FUCK 2020 is a dedication to this shit show of a year, but still despite it all we push forward and continue to maintain a positive attitude and enjoy the beautiful things that life brings us.

Scent: Tropical Evergreen

The Artist:
Dirt Cobain is a New York City based street artist, influenced by graffiti and pop art he has created his own style which sets him apart from any other modern day artist.

He is mostly known for his controversial “pill bottle” images. Often mistaken for a drug reference, the pill bottle is intended to be a representation of anything that gives you a natural high.

This is a collaboration between Dirt Cobain, Thompson Ferrier and MAISON 10 to bring the unique street art into home. The Candle cap is a CHILD PROOF CAP over a large PILL BOTTLE.

Weight: 280g 10.5oz

 MAISON 10 has chosen to support 9 charities – the charity chosen for this artwork is Housing Works. If you like, simply tell us which one of these 10 charities you would like to choose at checkout. MAISON 10 will make a 10% donation of the retail cost to your selected charity.