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Visionary by Nomad Noé. Shahanshah. 1571-1629. The essence of a visionary in the Persian capital of Esfahan. Crowned by history as Shahanshah, or ‘The King of Kings’, Shah Abbas I forges an empire through diplomacy, tolerance and the offerings of freedom to all its inhabitants. A new capital is born matching the grandeur of his vision. The city of Esfahan becomes the most beautiful in the known world and serves as the cultural crossroads that lead to a golden age of art and trade.

Notes: saffron, bergamot, rose, musk, vetiver, incens

Blend of coconut and mineral waxes
Signature porcelain vessel and lid

Burn time: 55 hours approx.
Weight: 7.8 oz

Hand-poured in France

Packaging manufactured
in USA

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