Carré Blanc

Carré Blanc

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This fragrance celebrates the power and marvel of man-made molecules. A truly original and modern creation, that needs skin for its ultimate development. Carré Blanc surprises you, it does not smell as a 'perfumy' perfume, sometimes it is clearly and almost loud perceivable than it whispers and is subtle.

The staying-power (longevity) on the skin is sensational, without ever getting intrusive.

"It’s one that can fit many situations, from daily and corporate to more personal, but also one where you don’t get entangled just thinking of it. It has so many different facets depending on the day." Christophe Laudamiel, THE ZOO.

Ingredients :amber, "man-made" molecules

Olfactive family abstract minimalistic

Dream: Carré Blanc hides your own little forbidden secrets.

Scent: Whatever rocks your boat: green foliage, grapefruit, rhubarb, blond woods, hay, orris, tonka … Trust and confidence on the outside, calm and peace on the inside.

Twist: By courteous etiquette, do not wear this one a plane, at the theater or anywhere where you might sit next to someone who doesn’t like you.

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