It Was A Time That Was

It Was A Time That Was

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Are colours fragrant?

Can you smell the hand of fate?

It Was a Time that Was a Time takes its name from the eponymous film shot by Shezad Dawood for his exhibition in New York. In collaboration with other artists , they explored the thin line between reality and possibility by imagining a perfume to scent the feature and bring its story out of the screen and Nicolas Bonneville was chosen to perform this synaesthetic work.

IT WAS A TIME … has become the scent of a landscape, the liberated scent of people forming this imagined community where rules of society, gender and relationships are given new expressions. It is less about images than it is about feelings. The omnipresent blue of skies and seas, infinite wonders here beaming with a heart of immortal and swelling ambergris. Notes of destruction and decay, leather and suede, meet beauty and unseen forms of intimacy. A siren’s call swaying one’s heart as indigo waters lap around one’s breast.

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