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Michael Callas

Aerosol on canvas
77.5 x 88.75 inch
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Many years after the Second World War came the discovery of a forbidden love story born out in a time and place that prohibited its blossoming. In a series of letters recently discovered, we hear the voice of a young reluctant soldier expressing his desires for ‘G’, the subject of his clamoring for love. In an age where homosexuality was not only illegal but punishable with death, the soldier emotes through coded words, guiding his passion through the twist of his pen, as he does everything to avoid the toils of war.


Part of the MAISON 10 group exhibition QUEER PRIDE LOVE
June 9th – August 17th, 2019 


The history of appropriation in art was most popularized by the great artists of the 20th century, epitomized in Picasso’s famous quote that ‘Good artists copy and great artists steal.’ It isn’t in the taking however but adapting appropriated images that they become renewed source material for working artists. Such a perspective suggests art is not just something to be observed but in fact something to be utilized.

In these three paintings from his The Universe is in the Individual exhibition at the Detour Gallery, artist Michael Callas utilizes imagery first conceived in the 1960s DC Comic series, Star Spangled War Stories later appropriated by the famed pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. With Lichtenstein we see these images transformed from their comic book beginnings into lithographs and paintings showcasing the trademark Ben-Day dot technique. In The Universe is in the Individual we see these images take on new life as fully realized large-scale paintings of seamless cinematic quality. The continued interpretations of the comic aesthetic speak to the iconic nature of the imagery and its ability to adopt new meaning over time.

For artist Michael Callas, our cultural familiarity with the comic aesthetic presents an attractive opportunity to develop new ideas. Taking on a curatorial approach, Callas combines the words spoken by real-life soldiers with their animated archetypes, creating a visceral connection between an individual’s experience of war and the mythos it can later become. The images, intricately produced through a rigorous process of drafting, mappin.

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