Cheat Death Ultra Potenti Anti-Aging Face Cream

Cheat Death Ultra Potenti Anti-Aging Face Cream

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This super potent face and eye cream will seemingly take years off your clock and will help leave your skin soft and supple. Cheat Death is loaded with powerful anti-aging and regenerative ingredients that help to steam-roll wrinkles, erase fine lines and work to build a level of elasticity into your skin that a trampoline would be jealous of.

Cheat Death delivers an array of fatty acids and active compounds that help medicate, nourish and supercharge skin while simultaneously pulling in moisture and hydration. Cheat Death is designed to strengthen and support collagen production so your skin can feel it's youthful elasticity again!

Lastly, Cheat Death coats and protects the skin's external layer with a magical ingredient called Dragon's Blood which is a naturally occurring 'latexy' sap sustainably harvested from Croton Lechleri trees in the Amazon Rainforest. It has unique properties that help heal, protect, regenerate and tighten skin. While this velvety, rose-gold cream is richer than Bill Gates, it will still absorb fairly quickly.

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