Chrysanthemum 'Morifolium' II

Chrysanthemum 'Morifolium' II

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Chrysanthemum 'Morifolium' II

Alison Layton


14 x 14 x 4 in


About Alison Layton:
Artist Alison Layton fabricates exuberant naturalistic botanical metal sculptures from her studio in Brooklyn, New York. Well-versed in both fine art metalsmithing and unconventional floral design, her love of the natural world informs and inspires her studio practice.

Alison’s experience in floral design has granted her access to the most revered flower growers and breeders in the country. Their fastidiously curated greenhouses and gardens have exposed Alison to a continuous wellspring of natural beauty. In this body of work, she investigates the ephemeral and fragile beauty of flora in metal. This practice is an attempt to arrest time and to capture the fleeting moments that define the purest essence of each particular specimen. Always working in tension with and against the progression of the season, it is not possible to rely solely upon the cut flower as a muse resulting in sculptures that are informed by fictitious evolutions and botanical fantasies.

Handmade from her studio in Brooklyn from reclaimed metals, each piece is one of a kind or available in limited editions.

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