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Cilice Eau de Parfum by Euphorium Brooklyn is sourced from the finest rare and exotic oils, tinctures and absolutes. Traditional euphoria inducing komodo process and handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York.

I am at once both soothed and intrigued by the dry air that carries in its memory a myriad of fragrant notes that weave an exquisite tapestry of incense, wax, wood and leather. Patiently crafted by countless wisps of rich incense, the patina of time is lifted by the soft, effusive light of sweet beeswax candles. Something darker, both sensual and primitive, compels a deeper breath.

Etienne Chevreuil, 1856


Notes: benzoin, labdanum, frankincense, elemi, leather, beeswax, angelica, cistus, clove, honey, papyrus, cloister liqueur, ambergris, oud, cedar, coumarin, birch tar and castoreum

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