David Candle

David Candle

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Th David Bust Sculpture Candle is hand-poured in New York and made from sustainable, soy-based wax + cotton wick. Every candle is individually poured, making each one unique with its own imperfections.

• Color: Natural Cream
• Weight: Approx. 15oz
• Size: 6” (h) x 4” (w)

Our David Bust Sculpture Candle is intended for decorative purposes. However, if you wish to burn your candle, please follow these instructions:

I. Place your candle over a large, heat resistant dish or tray to avoid wax spills from coming into contact with your furniture

II. Do not burn for more than 3 hours at a time

III. Make sure to trim your wick before each burn to 1/8th of an inch or your candle will burn too quickly

IV. Stop burning candle once 1inch of wax remains

V. Never leave your candle unattended while lit

VI. Keep away from children, pets, open windows and drafts

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