Empower Aromatherapy Roll-On

Empower Aromatherapy Roll-On

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Advocate For Your Personal Power
Empower helps awaken your personal power and inner guidance. Carry throughout the day as a reminder you have the strength to make decisions that serve you best.
100% Essential Oil
Top notes: Citron, Rose Geranium
Middle note: Sage, Frankincense
Base note: Cypress
Ingredients: Safflower oil, proprietary essential oil blend, vitamin E.

The primary essential oils in this blend are Frankincense and Cypress. These oils are good for:
Spiritual consciousness
Healing emotional scars
Remove excess Vata
Cool excess Pitta
Spiritual congestion
Feeling overwhelmed
Excessive thinking
Connecting to the breath
Times of transition

Roll-on pulse points, behind the ears, or side of neck to inhale the benefits throughout the day.
Use midday to connect within.
Apply prior to meditation to help deepen your awareness.
Inhale blend from the top of the roller-ball to reset your emotional state.

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