In Sensorium: Pilgrimage

In Sensorium: Pilgrimage

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In Sensorium: Pilgrimage by Tanaïs

50 ml Extrait de Perfume

Nutmeg,  Saffron,  Juniper Leaf

Genda Attar, Marigold Gulab Attar, Rose, Carnation, Cardamom, Indolene

Mysore Sandalwood, Dark Patchouli, Seaweed Absolute, Buddha Wood, Mitti Attar, Saltwater Accord, Pyre Ash, Organic Cane Alcohol

“Losing my sense of smell terrified me, threatening my livelihood and what brought me so much pleasure. When I regained my strength and nose, I went to my perfume studio to work on a commissioned fragrance. Bay of Bengal saltwater accord, dirtied drop by drop with the murky notes of patchouli, seaweed absolute, and red Buddha wood, reminiscent of river pollution, pyre ashes, aquatic funk. Mitti attar accord sourced from Kannauj, remnants of worship flowers, carnation, rose, and marigold, bright and spicy florals punctuated by cardamom and the nutmeg at its heart. Perfume would be my pilgrimage.”

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