Inspire / Awaken Aromatherapy Roll-On
Inspire / Awaken Aromatherapy Roll-On

Inspire / Awaken Aromatherapy Roll-On

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Awaken Your Inner Guidance System
Inspire/Awaken helps ignite your creativity and latent internal gifts. Galvanize vitality when it needs a gentle nudge. Carry throughout the day to help heighten awareness during meditation or deep thought.
100% Essential Oil Blend
Top note: Lemon Verbena, Sweet Orange
Middle notes: Ginger, Green Tea
Base note: Lemongrass
Ingredients: Safflower oil, proprietary essential oil blend, vitamin E.

The primary essential oils in this bend are lemon and sweet orange. These oils are good for:
Balancing excess Kapha
Activating thoughts
Refreshing the mind
Remove mental stagnation

Roll-on pulse points, behind the ears, or side of neck to inhale the benefits throughout the day.
Use midday to brighten and awaken energy levels.
Apply prior to meditation to help find clarity
Inhale blend from the top of the roller-ball to reset your emotional state.

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Inspire / Awaken Aromatherapy Roll-On