Soleil Invisible

Soleil Invisible

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Invokes the Eternal Sunshine of the Soul

Accord Pyramid:
CROWN - Opalene, Pink Pepper Oil CO2 LMR*, Passionfruit, Lychee, Tangerine.

HEART - Vetiver LMR*, Cypress LMR, Sichuan Pepper CO2 Absolute LMR*, Armoire Heart Oil LMR*, Rose Essential for Life LMR*, Orris Root LMR* 

ROOT - Oakwood LMR*, Vetiver Oil Java LMR*, Vanilla Absolute Madagascar LMR*, Guaiac Wood, Gurjun Balsam LMR*, Labdanum LMR*, Ambertonic Crystals, Earthy Musk

* LMR denotes 100% pure, natural, sustainable oil source from LMR Labs, Grasse, France.

@15% Eau de Parfum

Concept: Joseph Quartana
Perfumer: Christina Christie
Collection: Les Potions D'Entéléchies
Classification: Citrus, Smoky, Woody, Vanillic, Gourmand