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Cover featuring Steve and Daniel by Steeve Beckouet.

In issue #10, we have lots of new men for you to meet, from - no stranger to boybands - Kevin, who shows us how he wears his latest gym wear. Then there's New Yorker Samy, who we met when he was on holiday here in London and is very much our kind of poster boy. Elsewhere, we've dreamed up a couple of photo shoots any self-respecting boyband would be proud to pose for if they're feeling daring. We have a sweaty tussle with wrestler Steve and has a backyard paddling pool party with Liel, Baptiste and Guy. Ollie and Matt have got it goin' on in the latest Rufskin collection, and Jay lets it all hang out sitting across from us in his apartment. 

On the cover of our first issue, we had Tim Tales star and owner, Tim Kruger. For our 10th, we meet another of his stable of stars, Nano. And as we reminisce over the last 10 issues, we thought it was about time to check in on two of our favorites. We flew to LA in an uncharacteristic hailstorm, to meet up with issue four cover star Jordan Torres (JT), who didn't let the inclement weather hold him back from stripping down for us. And we got naked with issue five cover boy Ruslan, just to see how comfortable he really is when he's naked. (The answer is, very). 

From the Editor-In-Chief, Frank Strachan:
Since we started Crotch five years ago, journeying around the world in the discovery of the hottest men imaginable, usually in the hottest locations, many other titles have appeared on the horizon vying for your attention. So, thank s for sticking with us; we like to think we're still the best when it comes to giving our readers exactly what the title suggests. If you've just found us, hello! It may have taken us 10 issues to be acquainted but I'm glad Crotch is in your vision. 

*Warning. This magazine contains nudity. A little more than usual!
Crotch Magazine 233 Pages
Printed on Recycled paper.

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