Jagger Hat
Jagger Hat

Jagger Hat

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We were in need of the flattest, widest brim we could find. And of course, since wide brims = flyaway hats, we added a double faced satin/grosgrain strap.

Wool is a complex fiber that is naturally water-repellant. This means your hat will survive getting caught in a light drizzle but it will also keep you cool on a hot day. Wool is durable and resists wrinkles, so the hat will do a good job on its own of keeping its shape. Because wool keeps a layer of air next to the skin, the shape of this hat is meant for year-round wear.

This hat starts off a tiny bit stiff, but will soften over time. The stiffnes is what gives it its structure. Softening is normal, and with the proper care, the hat will hold its shape indefinitely. Think of it like a nice pair of leather boots that'll break in perfectly over time.

If the brim does get wonky with lots of handling, lay it on a table overnight with books applying pressure on any waves in the brim.

Brush clean with natural bristles. Hat can also be lint-rolled. Never wash, but soiling/stains can be wiped clean with a very damp cloth.

100% wool felt body 
100% polyester band 
Hand finished

Made in USA

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Jagger Hat