Kieran's Cleanser

Kieran's Cleanser

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Kieran’s Cleanser is laced with powerhouse exfoliators (salicylic acid 1%, lactic acid 2%) that seep into your skin and break up crusty sebum and dead skin cells that are clogging your pores and trapping toxins and bacteria.
Kieran's Cleanser is a powerful brew of saponins, astringents and healing compounds extracted from sarsaparilla root and other medicinal herbs and barks. They bind to surface toxins and suck more crud out of your face than a bad romance movie.
Kieran’s Cleanser is a well thought out, badass, little cleanser and exfoliator with a sarsaparilla and peppermint scent that will bring sunlight to your soul every time you use it.

Massage 3-4 pumps onto dry or damp skin for 60 seconds (let it sink in)...then rinse....then do your skincare routine.
Use Kieran's Cleanser 3-5 times a week (Be careful not to over-exfoliate your skin).
PRO-TIPS - To get max exfoliation, leave on for 1-2 minutes then rinse. To exfoliate less....leave on for only 15 seconds, then rinse.
Use Mister Everyday Daily Cleanser or Makeup Milk Oily Cleanser when you don't want to exfoliate.
Wash your skin with only water most mornings.

Saponins (from sarsaparilla root) are naturally occurring are phytochemicals found in plants. They produce a slight lather and possess soap-like qualities that are magnets for dirt/gunk/makeup.
Astringents from the barks and roots (comfrey, yellow dock, fenugreek, white willow, burdock) that constrict tiny blood vessels and the size of your pores, essentially squeezing out the junk that the salicylic/lactic acid just broke up.
Healing Compounds extracted from the sarsaparilla root, Calendula Flowers and Burdock root that contain special compounds that retard the aging process of skin.

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