Ma Bête

Ma Bête

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Eris Parfums was founded by vintage perfume expert Barbara Herman in 2014. Her years of collecting and researching vintage perfume took her on a journey: from blogging, to writing a book, to becoming inspired to work with a perfumer to create scents as daring and beautiful as those she discovered from the past.

Named after Eris, daughter of Night (Nyx) and the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption, her brand Eris Parfums is inspired by muses — divine, human, and fragrant — that exemplify unconventional beauty and dark, subversive glamour. 

Ma Bête (My Beast) caresses you with the suggestiveness of perfumed fur. A collision of the floral and the animal, Ma Bête combines a regal Tunisian Neroli with spices and a 50 percent overdose of Antoine Lie's own animalic cocktail. 


Ma Bête is fiercely beasty with a raunchy elegance.

Antoine Lie (Perfumer)


Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Barbara moved to the USA with her family when she was three years old and spent most of her life living in bohemian enclaves, from San Francisco, New Orleans, to New York City.

She graduated with a degree in film and rhetoric, but her nose took her elsewhere, beyond academia. It was after she left graduate school and began to write for a living that she fell into the curious world of perfume obsessives. Collecting vintage fragrances and writing about them on her blog combined her love of perfume, which had lain dormant, with her other passion, writing.

After interviewing perfumer Antoine Lie for her book, Barbara asked him to help her create a collection of fragrances as daring and erotic as fragrances of the past. From that collaboration came three fragrances, Belle de Jour, Night flower, and Ma Bête.

Top: Neroli Tunisia oil, aldehydes, nutmeg oil
Heart: Cypriol oil, styrax oil, jasmin sambac oil
Base: Cedarwood Virginia oil, patchouli oil, animalic notes

Weight: 1.7 oz / 50 ml

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