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Mandrake by Parfums Quartana. In biblical scripture, Mandrake was referred to as ‘the love plant’ and was through to have male fertility enhancing properties. Long used in Wiccan ritual, its roots were thought to emit a fatal, supersonic scream when dug up.

Because mandrake actually smells of strong red apple, we gave the fragrance a red fruity heart but grounded it with birch leaf and birch root to suggest the roots of the flower dug into the soil. We also gave the fragrance a sharp aromatic note to suggest its infamous, deadly shriek. Finally ‘Deadly Addiction Accord’ lends a creamy, gourmand wood quality to pull it all together.

The 50 ml box comes factory heat-sealed in a tamper-resistant, transparent chrome mylar pouch. Floriental, smoky, narcotic, spicy, amber

Notes: Crisp apple, pomegranate, birch leaf, birch root, bergamot, mandrake flower accord, rhubarb, cardamom, sueded leather, deadly addiction accord, patchouli, madagascar vanilla, sandalwood, tonka

50 ml / 17% parfum concentration

Designer: Parfums Quartana
Perfumer: Carlos J. Vinals
Series: Les Potions Fatales
Release date: Sept 2016

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