Mezcal Verde
Mezcal Verde

Mezcal Verde

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Introducing our newest fragrance - Mezcal Verde. A blend of Mayan Leaves & Catskill Cascades

Last March, my bags were packed for a trek into the Yucatán jungle. A bottle of mezcal awaited us there, alongside a perfume at the end of a forbidden trail lush with ripened fruits and ancient Mayan medicinal leaves.

And suddenly, the world stopped.

Our cancelled scent trek was not very important alongside the struggles of the world, but I was heartbroken.

Nature was still open, so I spent my days exploring the Catskills here at home, discovering hidden waterfalls and fauna that mirrored a parallel universe to the Yucatán jungle.

As the mist of the waterfalls touched my face, I poured a glass of mezcal and listened to the cascades hitting the mossy rocks in an endless hymn. I discovered an incense of smoky agave spirits blended with wet stone, violet leaf, fern and birch. It was Mezcal Verde.

This is a scent that celebrates the nature in your own backyard, wherever you are. A deep breath of green leaves and a drop of mystery, that lifts the spirit and lets us know that new beginnings are the most adventurous chapters of all.

Notes: Limón | Fern | White Sage | Violet Leaf | Birch Incense

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Mezcal Verde