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Neroli by Olibanum: 
The gentlest of neroli pairs in infinite tenderness with the sparkling of bergamot and the honeyed roundness of jasmine. To be worn on the pillow, a delightful touch of both pleasure and mischief.

What is NEROLI?
Neroli essence is an essential oil produced from the flowers of
the Citrus aurantium bigarade orange tree, 3 to 5 m tall, with
glossy green foliage and abundant flowering.

It originated on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, was
brought to the Middle East by Arab sailors, and was introduced
and planted throughout Mediterranean Europe in the 9th

Its white, fleshy, highly fragrant flowers in early spring are highly
prized in perfumery and cosmetics. The skin of the fruit is
rough and tinted green or yellow. In Neroli, a variety from the Khémisset Province in Morocco has been selected. It has
characteristic notes of fresh petals, floral, citrus, green and honey.