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Luminescent, green and ripe. Pètales is both a nostalgic romp through the richly fruited orientals of yore and an effortless, modern floral. Imagine Alice, all grown up, revisiting Wonderland (the Disney version) of her own volition. Those catty katydids and violent violets are now her friends. Sans pinafore and headband she’s an authoritative, excellent conductor. Fingers aflutter, adult Alice coaxes dew-kissed linden blossoms and hyacinths into action, their pure sopranos focusing the orchestra.

Next she beckons those solid mezzos, orchid and lily to add their buttery sweetness. Not to be outshone, rose, violet and and orange blossom chime in, their voices teetering into the altos of rich orris and jasmine. Throughout this floral serenade, black pepper jazz brushes ambergris’ cymbals. Honey oozes between the keys of a piano, pulling those ivories into mellifluous sound. Pink grapefruit trumpets, adding tart sass to this sweet song. Fig is a merry cello, plucked into plummy resonance by energetic elemi.

The sound is playful and full-bodied. In the final chorus, Alice can’t help but join in; ‘You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, there’s a wealth of happiness and romance.’ Slip on Petales, and revel in the ‘golden afternoon’.

The Perfumer’s Inspiration:
Because scent has the ability to deeply connect one to specific memory, Etienne set out to create a perfume which would be a distillation of the loves in his life. From the tender age of 14, Etienne began to obsessively record his love affairs. He also associated each figure in his amorous encounters with a specific flower. He maintained this effort throughout his life in an attempt to compose a perfume that would be arrived at by the sum total of love in his life.

Rose, lavender, orchid, hyacinth, linden blossom, lily, iris, orange blossom, violet, orris, jasmine, geranium, palmarosa, pettigrain sur la fleurs, galbanum, green stem, moss, pink grapefruit, fig, honey, star anise, elemi, black pepper, vetiver, labdanum, benzoin, tolu balsam, ambergris, indole, tonka musk

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