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Destructive floral

A concentration of sophistication, expressed in an astonishing floral bouquet.

The aldehydes elegantly introduce a multitude of flowers: ylang-ylang, jasmine, iris and rose gather with flair and bombast, resting atop a creamy bed of sandalwood, musk and warm, sensual patchouli.

Top notes | Lily-of-the-valley, lilac, ylang-ylang, aldehydes

Heart notes | Egyptian Jasmine, mimosa pays, narcissus, Turkish rose, iris

Base notes | Sandalwood, vetiver, labdanum, musk, amber

The olfactory signature:
Narcissus, which adds pride and mystery to hyper-femininity on the red carpet.

Paul Vacher created Sortilège in 1936 as a tribute to the extravagant parties of the Roaring Twenties. In 1950, the fragrance was used as the signature scent for the Stork Club, an exclusive New York nightclub. Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner became the prestigious ambassadresses of this great floral aldehyde, which exudes the House’s prized values of distinction and heightened femininity.