Spiked Ceiba Bowl – yellow

Spiked Ceiba Bowl – yellow

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MT Objects x MAISON 10. Limited edition, hand-pieced, color-tinted ceramic forms, inspired by prehispanic culture. Primarily the use of the spiky ceiba tree as a design motif by the Mayan culture, for whom it represented a connection between spiritual levels and a connection to their environment.

This very special edition is created with a range of color-tinted ceramic slips, developed in Mexico City exclusively by Cerámica La Mejor, where the collection was produced by La Mejor’s crew of young artisans. The pigments used in the color-tinting process is our only nod to modern technology. to create these pieces, each spike has been hand-cast and carefully angled and applied to the central bowl form by hand – each bowl requires 36 of these spikes.

Available in: blue, green, tan and yellow

About MT Objects
MT Objects was created by Tony Moxham and Mauricio Paniagua in 2015. Together Mauricio and Tony work as artists, albeit within the design industry, and with a focus that is rarely on regular design problem-solving. More commonly they focus on intangible issues when designing objects—from sexuality, to history, to magic, to ritual, to decoration, etc. Because of this much of their design work is treated as sculpture regardless of function. ‘MT’ is a play on the initials of their names and also the word ‘empty’.

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