Spring/Summer Facial Cleanser

Spring/Summer Facial Cleanser

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The Au Articles Spring/Summer Facial Cleanser combines a unique blend of natural saponins and seaweed extract nutrients. The contemporary fragrance which leads with pure Moroccan rose and geranium oils produced at dawn in the Spring is followed by a selection of essential oils gathered from the region, all of which are known for their skin enriching qualities.

Key Ingredients: Rose hip extract, pomegranate extract, marine extracts

Top note: Rose Maroc / Moroccan Rose oil is one of the most prized scents on earth. Opulent and luminous in fragrance, rose Maroc is also an excellent emollient known to tone, soothe & hydrate multiple layers of the skin.

Geranium, the bright floral notes of Geranium oil celebrate Spring and Summer. Balancing our skin's sebum production, it is beneficial for all skin types by promotes healthy cell circulation and creating well balanced skin.

Heart: Rosewood, the rare wood oriented scent of Rosewood balances the fragrance while promoting the treatment and growth of skin cells and is historically known for treating damaged and aging skin.

Lemongrass, the crisp, revitalizing scent of lemongrass oil boosts radiance and offers the skin an overall tonic that is cleansing to skin as it contains vitamin A, B, C and many anti-inflammatory properties well suited for sensitive skin.

Base: Atlas cedar, sourced from Morocco's mountainous Rif region, the rich scent of Atlas Cedar oil is also a perfect astringent, antiseptic and is also ideal for evening skin tones.

Amyris oil, typically sourced from the West Indies it has a natural, woody aroma and is known to help cool, regenerate, hydrate & soften sensitive skin areas as well as stimulate the circulatory system.

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