Vessel MM11

Vessel MM11

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Vessel MM11 by Nick Park Pottery 

HEIGHT 6.75 / DIAMETER 4 / FOOT 2.25

ABOUT Nick Park Pottery:
Nick Park (Nick Park Pottery) is a queer artist and ceramics instructor who resides in NYC. When creating his work, Nick strives to bring unique pieces to life that embrace function and celebrate color. He enjoys highlighting the process of clay and the one-of-a-kind art that results from it. He hopes that his work becomes a part of your life, melding into the rituals of your day and cultivating comfort, community, and joy.

ABOUT The Collection: 
Constantly telling his students to "F&%$ IT UP", he decided to lean into the energy of exploration for these works and push himself outside of his usual comfort zones. He opened his ceramics journal and pulled from all of his lost thoughts to play in new shapes and ideas. The glazes and application techniques utilized are also a step in a bold new direction. This is why Nick has titled this moment Spring Forward. Through this opportunity, he has been able to thrust himself into new levels of expression that he likely would have remained unexplored. So much was gained through this creative process and Nick is ecstatic that you have joined him for this first step in a wildly intriguing direction.

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