10 sexy fixings for spring

You're looking particularly gorgeous today. Did you do something new? Whatever it is, keep doing it – it's working! There's a spring in our step this week, and a friskiness in our feathers. Maybe it's the brighter mornings. Maybe it's the promise of picnics and beach days in our not-too-distant future. Maybe we're just overwhelmed with gratitude for our gorgeous M10 community and wanted to let you know we see you. Consider this our virtual hug until we see you in person, you stunning human.


If ever there was a time for setting an intention, it’s now. These beautiful papers are designed to be used as part of your personal ritual. Write your statement of intent on the paper then tuck it away in your wallet or under your pillow to act as a talisman. Made, as if by magic, in Brooklyn. Go forth and make beautiful things happen!



As the temperatures tentatively take a turn for the not-frigid, we’re dusting down the bike. Which means we’ll also be needing this handy little gizmo for when things go awry. The Honom bike multi tool has all the attachments we might need to make cycling a breeze.



Serve up your olives, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, or other yummy apps on these delightful, Mediterranean-style lengthened glass fish-shaped bowls. Available in two sizes (get both – go on!)

FROM $18


Even if you’ve been living in New York for years, the LUXE guide will introduce you to gems you never knew existed: the best bites, from humble bagel joints to acclaimed culinary temples; where to find the most glamorous, red carpet-ready vintage gowns and jewelry; and the secret to the city’s speakeasies and hottest bars. Get the book and you’ll also gain access to a complimentary app, for discovery on the go.



Sexy chocs that make a great gift … and an even better personal indulgence. We don’t judge. A truffly mix of Matcha Latte Eyes for energy and Schisandra Dark Chocolate Lips to help calm and de-stress, they’re vegan, refined sugar and dairy free … so 100% guilt-free.



A classy addition to even the most bougie of bathrooms, Salt + Stone’s bergamot and eucalyptus body wash is a powerful yet gentle hydrating gel cleanser. Infused with antioxidant-rich botanical extracts and niacinamide, it leaves skin clean with a silky-smooth finish without dehydrating it.



The sultriest of all candles, Fvith’s Black Rose manages to be both powerfully masculine and deeply feminine at the same time. Symbolizing death, rebirth, and anarchy, its fragrance starts with damascena, which blends with sandalwood and agarwood to deliver a deliciously intoxicating scent.



Eau My Soul is the fragrance equivalent of a socially distanced group hug – the result of a vote from perfume fans for their favorite notes. The result combines sandalwood, amber, frankincense, rose, honey, musk, bergamot, vanilla, vetiver, patchouli, jasmine, lavender, cognac, tobacco, and oakmoss. It might sound a lot, but 4160 Tuesdays has managed to combine it all into a deep smooth blend of togetherness.



Seriously, the Arris is the only tote you’ll need. Strong enough to carry your groceries from Trader Joe’s, it’ll double up as a picnic/beach bag. Made from a crisp, water-resistant, quilted nylon, it holds firm, but folds easily. Plus there are two sizable inside pockets for bottles etc, and a water-resistant interior zipper pouch. Genius.


10. ART

Xingze Li is a Chinese visual artist based in Brooklyn, whose work uses the effects of artificial and natural light to provoke an experience of the phenomenal world. This extraordinary piece, Untitled #10, is created using dye sublimation on aluminum.


"This morning I wake to the blue-white light of an approaching spring in New York: the kind of light that promises it will not be this cold forever."

Tre Miller Rodriguez

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