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MAISON 10 is a unique platform for talented, innovative designers and artists to bring high-quality products to a wider market by using ethical consumerism as its core concept. The brick and mortar boutique located on the 2nd floor of 260 5th Avenue in NoMad (North of Madison Square Park) features 10 hand-selected items across 10 different categories for a period of 10 weeks. Each customer has the option to choose which one of 10 charities receives a 10% donation from their purchase at the point of sale.

The founders Henri Myers (New York), Tom Blackie (London) and Carsten Klein (Amsterdam) developed the MAISON 10 concept to introduce and empower consumers to make ethically informed choices.  


The 10 highlighted categories include: BAGS, BOOKSCANDLES, FRAGRANCESGIFTS, HOMEWARES, JEWELRY, MEN’S ACCESSORIES and WELL-BEING. A 10th rotating category commenced with NEW YORK CITY, the 2nd cycle was FASHION, followed by CELEBRATION, PASSION, EQUALITY, ADVENTURE, POP, LOVE, DREAM, TOP TEN, SUMMER, MAGIC, SILVER AND GOLD and WOMAN. The current 15th cycle is QUEER PRIDE LOVE.

At the end of each 10-week period the product from each category which has sold the most units (combined online and in-store sales) will remain for the following 10 weeks.


Every 10 weeks we launch a wonderful new exhibition featuring 10 new artists. In our previous 10-week cycles we were proud to present to you: Timothy Atticus, Paul Morris, Chelsea Hrynick Browne, Adam Handler, Bart Vargas, Michael Miller, Holly Suzanne, LAII, Julia Rivera, Lester Sánchez, Ai Campbell, Dirt Cobain, Kristina Quinones, Mark Gagnon, Mark Gens, Megan Suttles, Michael Souter, Mira Nachman, Miriam Cabessa, Wei Xiaoguang, Andrei Petrov, Giovanni Pulze, Ko SmithTed Chapin, Terry Singh, Tom John, Mercedes Head, Natale Adgnot, Renée Rey, Ulrika Strömbäck and Zahra Nazari.

The latest CYCLE 15 curation – QUEER PRIDE LOVE – focusses on a mix of contributions in art, design and creations made, produced and designed by the LGBTQIA+ community and also by those representing diversity and inclusion.


At the core of the business is the fact that 10% from the sale of each product will be donated at the point of sale to one of 10 charities (not for profit organizations) that the consumer will select.

MAISON 10 has pre-selected nine of the 10 charities as part of its concept, supporting an array of organizations that range from regional, national and international not for profits such as: Opening Doors London, The International Rescue Committee, Housing Works NYC, Orange Babies, Home-Start Camden, SAGE USA, CPU, KCBNA and Age UK Camden. The 10th charity has been selected by each participating designer or artist.