10 ways to make your weekend better

Got any plans this weekend? It's going to be sunny and chilly, so throw on your M10 beanie and come say hello. We're getting new additions to the LES ÉTRANGERS cycle all the time, so there's always something new to see. And if you can't make it in person, the good news is that our internet elves have been working round the clock to get the collection online. These are our current favorites ...


The world's most famous coffee cup has gone reusable. Identical to the authentic NY Coffee-to-Go paper cup, this version is crafted in ceramic, scaled to the original 10-ounce size. The details including design, seam, and edge fold are so good you'll think you're drinking out of a paper cup.



Treat your poor, neglected tootsies this weekend with this super-rich cream packed with vitamins, aloe vera, coconut oil, and shea butter. It’ll soothe, re-hydrate, and help repair the appearance of cracked skin. Food for the soles.



Feast your eyes on 236 hefty pages of beautiful men and their bodies in issue 7 of Crotch magazine, featuring four spectacular covers. Warning: this month there’s even more nudity than usual! Buy your copy today before these bad boys are all scooped up. 




This floral delight opens with notes of rose oil Bulgaria, geranium, and citronella essential oils and finishes with bottom notes of lemon and bergamot. Made from coconut and soy wax and pure essential oils, with an FSC certified wood wick, it comes in a gorgeous ceramic vessel that can be recycled and reused.



Are we the only ones with Bananarama in our heads right now? Perhaps that explains why we have the hots for this Venus vase, which celebrates the goddess of love and beauty while also holding our favorite flowers in her hair. She's got it. Baby, she's got it.



A remix of Kelly + Jones' flagship fragrance, Chardonnay, which combines notes of American oak, heirloom apple, orris butter, amber, and toasted cedarwood. Drinking wine while wearing this delicious perfume is recommended but entirely optional.



Smother your body with Immunocologie's nutrient-rich, luxuriously light moisturizer and you’ll see the difference with restored moisture, reduced inflammation, and renewed radiance. The ingredients include a unique combination of African desert date seed oil, sunflower seed oil, and Brazilian protium heptaphyllum resin for a midwinter boost.



We’re already huge fans of K/ller Collection’s stunning brass and recycled sterling silver and gold jewelry. These hand-cast feather earrings are a bold 3½ inches long, which means no one puts these babies in a corner.



Matthieu M's uniquely wavy blue organic vase is one of a kind – completely hand-built in speckled light brown clay, with an interior glazed in white and an outside gradient that blends from white to a delicate blue. Each angle turns it into a different kind of sculpture. Simply stunning.


10. ART

Kavi’s Tuk Tuk pieces feature her signature style of using multiple layers that encapsulate political phrases and poetry into each artwork. Inspired by the music of the 1960s and its impact on the Cultural Revolution, as well as her own heritage, from India to California, this is one of a series of 7.


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