Mother's Day gift ideas with love from New York (and the environment)

As we mark Earth Day this week, we'd like to take the opportunity to remind you lovely human that shopping local is one way you can actively cut down on the waste and emissions that are suffocating our poor planet. We, in turn, support other small, independent artists and makers, completing the circle of sustainability. It's what Mother Earth would want you to do. Just saying.


Interior designer and ex-Googler Brandon Scott Roye has developed a nifty card game to break down his design process. The Design of Intentional Spaces enables designers and their clients, design-conscious families, trendy roommates, and solo DIYers to create a space that truly pushes their lives forward. Answer the questions and you'll be left with a blueprint for a space to finally call home.



A WTF notebook that says exactly how you feel. Use it for anything you do or do not give a fuck about. Disclaimer: There is no scientific evidence to prove that fucks can actually fly.



Dome Beauty’s Eye Jewel 24-hour shadow goes on like a light-as-air mousse but dries fast and lasts all day long, while moisturizing your lids. Available in four shimmering shades, they're all eco-friendly, sustainable, and inclusive.



Big Sur is a summer stunner, combining the scents of cedar, sandalwood, musk, smoke, and sea salt air. The result is reminiscent of driving down Highway 1 with the windows down, breathing in the fresh ocean air mixed with the giant redwoods and campfires from the Big Sur cabins.



Venus energy is love energy. Work with her for attraction, to draw love, and for self-love. Venus also rules money, so you can petition her for wealth – not only of the heart but also the wallet. This girl can do anything! Burn this altar candle dedicated to her for all your spells and home-made magic.



The Solejoy foot massager corresponds with all the reflex points of the foot, working to heal the whole body while soothing strained soles with the combination of warm cork, cool stone, and light pressure. You’ll never pay for a foot massage again.



Sempli’s exquisite Monti-Bianco stemless white wine glasses are crafted from ultra clear, lead-free crystal, with a peaked center showcasing the inspiration of the Italian Alps. Plus, they hold a generous pouring of your chosen beverage, which may or may not be the reason they're our favorite wine glass.



Unexpected, intriguing, and addictive, Lethe takes its story from the Greek mythological river known for its potency to forget when sipped. It seduces with top notes of bergamot and lavender, easing into a heart of cedar wood and water lily, before settling into an intoxicating base of musk, amber, tonka bean, vanillas, jasmine absolute, and neroli oil. Now, where was I ...?



K/ller Collection’s stunning hand-cast recycled brass feather earrings are a bold statement. Inspired by nature, you’ll get compliments every time you wear these beauties.


10. ART

Brooklyn-based artist Mel Reese’s most recent abstract work is informed by lines, shapes, colors, and textures, and inspired by nature. By building up sheer layers of monochromatic forms, she gives each painting a sculptural quality as well as a sense of depth.


“When the last tree is cut and the last fish killed, the last river poisoned, then you will see that you can't eat money.”

John May, The Greenpeace Story

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