Affordable original art - from just $175

Art isn't just a lovely thing you can hang on your wall. It is proven to improve your wellbeing and stimulate your brain. How, you ask? We'll tell you ...

It can make you feel happy, or inspired, or nostalgic, and can help you express emotions that you struggle to put into words.

It connects you to the artist in a dramatic, tangible way - at a time when human connection has rarely been so important.

Art even activates the pleasure response in the brain by stimulating neurons. So, when you look at a particularly pleasing piece, blood flow increases in the brain by as much as 10% – which is the equivalent of looking at someone you love.

Plus, it can be a sound financial investment. 

Friend, welcome to our new collection, featuring brand new pieces from some of our favorite ever artists, and some new ones you'll be seeing a lot more of. And you can own a piece for as little as $175.

kate fauvell original new york art high line


The brilliant Kate Fauvell has combined original photographs, collage and acrylic on canvas to create contemporary visions of New York - from Meatpacking and Christopher Street to this image of The High Line. Measuring 4.5 x 4.5 inches, it is an homage to the wild, beautiful, dysfunctional city we call home.


claire price original new york art


New Zealand-born, New York-based artist Claire Price has taken a new direction with her latest collection for MAISON 10 - an ethereal group of pieces inspired by nudibranchs. The sea creatures are known for their extraordinarily vivid colors and striking forms, and they come in equally colorful names, including clown, marigold, splendid, dancer and - this one - Nudi Dragon A, measuring 5 x 5 inches and created from acrylic, collage and resin on wood panel.


chris marmier original new york art


Fresh from a hugely successful solo exhibition in Amsterdam, Chris Marmier continues to amaze us with his brightly colored, intricately detailed pieces that are one part art, one part social commentary. The Shirt is a 7.9 x 7.9 inch ink and acrylic piece on MDF board, and represents a perfect entry point for an artist who is going to be HUGE. If you like this, you'll love his all-new solo exhibition at Urbana Cafe and Gallery in Chelsea. Watch this space for more details.


natalie adgnot 3d new york art


After an insanely popular collection at MAISON 10 earlier this year, Natale Adgnot is back with her unique, three-dimension wall sculptures that combine hand-shaped pieces of thermoplastic mounted sideways on birch panels and cubes and trimmed with gold enamel. The works refer to the art of stained glass, and draw on the artist’s previous experience in haute couture, where she employs and embellishes dress forms to represent two people with divergent viewpoints. Yellow Vertical Round measures 10 x 10 x 2.5 inches, round


ted chapin original new york sculpture superman


Get ready to get political. In Ted Chapin’s Superpowers Controlled by Unknown Forces #2 - a beautifully detailed mixed media sculpture - he addresses the potential consequences for the human race should Donald Trump regain the presidency. His vision comes from a vintage action-hero comic book: the fate of the world at the mercy of an all-powerful villain. The piece measures approx 8 x 5.5 inches, and combines images of a rogue Superman along with typewriter pieces, plastics, and other found objects.


motomichi nakamura original art framed


The Japan-born, Brooklyn-based Motomichi Nakamura has exhibited with MAISON 10 for several years, but his new collection for us is on a much bigger scale. The animator, projection artist and lecturer has four new pieces in the gallery - including this one, Bridge Kids 1 - in his signature style, using archival, lightfast, acid free markers on paper, measuring 12 x 12 inches, framed.


kalin hart original abstract new york art


The artist who lovingly gave our Kong installation a new identity and a new lease of life is back with a very different medium - Amethyst Attraction, a magical pair of stunningly textured, abstract acrylic paintings, combining oil pastelles on canvas. Both measure 30 x 24 inches and are available to purchase separately.


michael souter new york original mirror art


Painter Michael Souter has made quite the departure with his collection of acid-etched mirrors, each containing a dark text - including ‘Watch Me Closely When I’m In Your Mind’ and ‘Your Are A Disappointment In Every Way. I’ll Never Hate You, But I Pity You.’ Each message represents the words sent to him by a bitter ex, and the art sees the artist turning the words back on the sender and staring into his own power.


cavier coleman original new york art basquiat


A prolific New York-based artist, Cavier was catapulted into the scene at the age of 22, and his work has since been shown in venues as esteemed as Soho House, The Hotel Rivington and Saks Fifth Avenue. Both his photographs and paintings are constructed with high contrast, bold lines, and vibrant color schemes, and his influences include Pablo Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Smoking Cigar exemplifies his style - an oil on canvas piece measuring 30 x 30 inches.


julia rivera original art empowering women


Our best-selling artist returns with a collection of even more dramatic pieces. Never A Victim, Always A Fighter is a large scale (40 x 60 inches) example of Julia Rivera’s often political style that speaks truth to power and gives a voice to silent minorities. Painted with eco-oil using mixed media on canvas, it features many familiar motifs from the Bronx-born, Puerto Rico-raised artist - including bold feminine energy, and her beloved plantains!


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