An homage to disappearing New York

There's one painting in our QUEER + SEXY cycle that probably gets more love than any other. It's Chris Redmond Ford's Marie Antoinette of Gansevoort Street, and it depicts the now shuttered but much-missed all-night eatery Florent. Ah, the memories! We're channelling only positive energy this week in tribute, with everything from a body oil that brings calm to an amulet that dispels negativity. Join us as we celebrate.


The spiritual benefits of palo santo are captured in this magic little bottle of pure, small batch, sustainably harvested essential oil from Peru. Use it as part of your spiritual practice to help bring about a cleansing, calming, grounding energy. Bonus: each bottle contains a smoky quartz to dispel negativity.



Oh la la! Conjure up a trip to gay Paris with this candle’s floral blend of peony and gardenia blossoms – with a faint touch of crème brûlée. It doesn't get much more French than that.



You may think you know a lot about your loved ones – but how deep does that connection really go? This deck of cards introduces 189 questions to help explore the family dynamic and encourage true connection (and hopefully some laughs along the way). Bring it to your next family gathering.



Perfect for summer, this sexy skincare essential will leave your face soft, smooth, and subtly firmed, with a youthful glow and a delicious rosy scent. Prepare for people to notice the difference!



Beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes – this sensual, ceramic vase is a gentle reminder. 



At a time when homosexuality was taboo, Tom of Finland broke all kinds of barriers to become a cult star in the international queer community. This book is a beautifully detailed account of his story, full of never, or rarely seen, materials from his archive and completed just a few months before his death. It’s the only fully approved biography of the legend responsible for creating the muscled, mustachioed gay archetype of the 1960s and 1970s, whose work influenced artists including Robert Mapplethorpe and Bruce Weber.



Laser-engraved sterling silver earstuds bearing the legends QUEER and SEXY. Wear one or both. They're exclusive to MAISON 10 – because you’re sexy and we know it.

FROM $70


The evil eye symbol is said to protect the wearer from negativity and ill will. Whichever way you look at it, this scapular necklace – in 14k gold-plated silver and turquoise, with a pendant on both the front and the back – works double time, for twice the positivity. Also available in silver. 



An indigo blue fragrance that embodies the number six, Le Sixieme challenges the wearer to close their eyes and discover the world of the third eye. The notes start with a sharp, spicy hint of pink pepper and a touch of deep violet, softening into iris, sensual suede, patchouli, and musk.


10. ART

A hymn to a New York that lives on in our memories, Chris Redmond Ford’s Marie Antoinette of Gansevoort Street recalls the much-loved all-night Meatpacking eatery Florent and its colorful owner, Florent Morellet.


“You've got to accentuate the positive,
Eliminate the negative,
Latch on to the affirmative,
Don't mess with Mister In-Between.”

Bing Crosby

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