David Drumgold - actor, comic, producer, and tea server to the Queen (true story!)

MAISON 10 is more than a physical space – it's a community of gorgeous, wildly talented, super-smart, fun individuals. You're all incredible. And every now and then, we like to share what's so amazing about you. Today, meet David Drumgold, glamorous event coordinator, actor, comic, and producer. This multi-tasking superhuman does everything!

Born in Iowa, raised in DC, he spent 11 years in London – an adventure that started with studying Fashion Design and Costume History and eventually saw him touring with Chris Rea and Thomas Dolby. He briefly worked at Buckingham Palace as a tea server for the Queen’s garden parties *raises pinky

When he came “home” his first role was in the film To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, playing Cappuccino Commotion in the opening drag queen championship scenes.

He’s the proud investor/co-producer of The Piano Lesson, Ohio State Murders, and other Broadway-bound shows, and is near final funding on his production company's first film, a horror, Inside These Walls.

He’ll be hosting The David Drumgold Variety Show at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center on Nov 16, featuring disco legend Linda Clifford, Cannes Film Festival musical director Yasahuko Fukuaka, Met Opera soprano Brandie Inez Suttton, drag performers Jada Valenciaga and Julia Van Cartier, and the Juson Williams Inspirational Singers.

Without further ado, over to you, David.

What motivates me …

I try to put romance for life in everyday activities, without making it precious. Grocery shopping on my bike, racing towards the sun or a breeze. 

How I discovered MAISON 10 

My company donated the food for a launch there and I fell in love with the place – and the owners. I believe it’s a vital community gallery that reminds us all of the healing powers of art and the limitless possibilities of one's imagination. I’m so happy it exists.

My most memorable purchases …

A Tom Of Finland diptych of a man in suited attire/leather gear, gIfted to a friend who loves the artist. And the often-gifted hand sanitizer that, while getting the job done, has a far more fragrant finish then the nauseating, omnipresent hand sanitizers everywhere else.

If I wasn't living in New York …

I’d be in either Amsterdam or London.

A book that changed my life …

Timebends, Arthur Miller's autobiography. Mr Miller told his life in mixed linear and relative mode. It felt more of a conversation than a book. Honorable mention: The Seventeenth-Street Gang by Emily Cheney Neville. That gave me such a feeling of accomplishment.

The things I’m most proud of

Taking my mother to Europe for 21 days for her 70th Birthday on 07/07/07. Seeing her as a girl abroad made me happier than anything else in my entire life. Second, having the first chorus of Happy Birthday sung to me by Princess Diana in the Odeon Cinema balcony on my 25th birthday, for the Royal Premiere of Labyrinth. Third: seeing my other get a contact high at an Amsterdam coffee shop, and giggle through full-on munchies at a steak house and the art galleries. Tee-hee!

The qualities I most appreciate in people

Manners and grace. The gentleman's agreement. Loyalty and a broad sense of humor.

If there was an Olympics for everyday activities …

I’d win gold for achieving solutions to the many hiccups that arise when planning events: timing, articles going to the address on the credit card as opposed to the venue of the event, staff in incorrect uniforms, dates and times screwed up, et al.

The highlights/lessons learned from the last couple of years that I take into 2023 …

The last two years brought me closer to myself, to really hear myself and ultimately, if you're still here, live, love, laugh, and share. Keep if joyous.

My advice to young David …

Travel, have a good friend and BE one. Spend time alone to know what you truly desire and your genuine opinion beyond what you can socially accept. Save and splurge in balance.


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