Gorgeous new products by fabulous female artists

After a triumphant launch of our new LES FEMMES cycle, we’re unbelievably proud to unveil some of our all-time favorite pieces. Come see the full collection in store – and a freshly beautified pink Kong perched atop their cloud. Or order online. More beautiful things are being added every day so keep checking in.


Every day we like to do a little something to help this lovely planet of ourse. So we take the advice printed on our new favorite soap: Save Water - Shower With A Friend. Enriched with organic aloe vera, it hydrates our skin, leaving us with a healthy glow and a subtle scent of grapefruit. It also comes with a list of 21 other ways to save water – so no excuses!



A choice of four mini puzzles made up of 54 tiny pieces. Choose from designs including NYC, dinosaurs, unicorns, and the whole damn planet. A world of fun for kids and adults – take it on your next weekend out of town.



Oh, how we love you, Crotch. The latest issue is now in stock – but is already selling out fast. This latest summer issue delivers a hefty 236 pages of beautiful men not wearing very much, featuring five spectacularly hot covers. Warning. This magazine contains nudity – a little more than usual!



Show them who’s daddy with this loud and proud hand fan by Dirt Squirrel. Made from sturdy bamboo and nylon fabric that results in a loud “clack” when flicked open – the perfect accessory for keeping cool when you’re breaking a sweat, soaking up the sun, dancing, or simply making a point. These bad boys have been selling like crazy – only four left.



You know you need this, right? A lightweight mineral sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection for your gorgeous face … or any other delicate bits that need protection … it’s a water and sweat-resistant SPF45 that’ll be your summer essential. Plus, it tightens pores, fades fine lines, and improves skin tone. Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance and color, drying alcohols, and cruelty free.



La Maison Privé’s signature scent, For (U), this beauty wraps you up in the scent of sun-ripened Italian figs. Paired with subtle notes of jasmine and sandalwood, it’s an exotic woody fragrance that will transport you to a fig orchard in southern Italy on a sunny, breezy day.



This brilliant ANYBAG doesn’t just contain around 95 single use plastic bags, making it the most eco-friendly bag we know. It is also hand woven using re-purposed cotton trims by artisans in the oldest remaining leatherworking factory in New York City, in a variety of vibrant colors. Each one is unique, handmade in Manhattan by New Yorkers, from the city’s finest trash.



Cinnamon, ginger and clove combine in a sensual mix for Odisiaque n° 6. What follows is a hint of amber, curls of smoked tobacco, and an elusive musky warmth. It will come as no surprise to learn that this intoxicating combination is based on an 18th-century love potion. You have been warned …



Simi Mahtani’s Gator Vessels are made from paint and plaster on found material. Gorgeously organic, use them as a vase … or just enjoy them as a stunning piece of art.

FROM $300

10. ART

Wencke Uhl is a contemporary figurative artist living and working in Germany, and drawing inspiration from human beauty and the female form. Her powerful subjects exude independence and strength. Freed from the male gaze, her women that have their own agenda, defying objectification and subordination. This one, Iridescent, glows with golden light. Acrylic and paper on canvas.



Why are women... so much more interesting to men than men are to women?”

Virginia Woolf

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