Have you met Terry Singh?

We want to say thank you. Thank you for reading this email and, in the process, being part of the wonderful MAISON 10 family. It's a pretty diverse group of people, from all walks of life. The one thing that connects us all, we think, is our humanity – the recognition that, if we didn't have each other, life would be dull AF. So, in recognition of the beautiful humans that make up this community, we have great pleasure in introducing one of them to you – the fabulous fashion designer Terry Singh.

Who I am ...

No one truly knows who we are, everything is constantly changing. In every interaction, a suitable character arises who will play the role that is needed in that situation. I am a nominee for the Fashion Group International’s rising star in the menswear designer of the year category. Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the founders of FGI, with hundreds of fashion leaders as their members. Every year they highlight individual contributions to categories in fashion.

What I do ...
I make clothes that allow me to feel free. It’s a physical mantra – a constant reminder that I’m in my game.

How I discovered MAISON 10 ... 

I was delivering hats my ex-­partner made for MAISON 10. Tom and Henri treat everyone like a star, right up to the delivery boys.

My favorite pieces I've bought there?

Gorgeous scented candles.

If I wasn't living in NY ...

I'd be on a mountaintop in Tamil Nadu, south India, where I spent some time living with the Sadhus. It’s a place where you require nothing – I was in a place of constant humility.

The books that changed my life ...

Renounce God, Be GodDon’t Delay Enlightenment; and Absolute Reality, all by Sri Bagavath.

I was studying with Sri Bagavath – who does not teach through lecturing but answers questions if asked, and basically answers everything with: “That is a thought, let it pass.” And surely it always does. I remember sitting with him for hours one day. We had no need to speak to each other – it was silent company without intention. That day, I knew – I'd learned what I came for.

The qualities I most value in people ...

One’s ability to adapt to what is learned. What you do with what you learn is the only thing that matters.

If there was an Olympics for everyday activities, I'd win gold in ...


My hopes for 2022?

Hope, to me, means something may or may not work. I don’t like using the word. My actions are always with purpose. I operate in certainty.

My proudest moment of all time?

Right now. Every moment is new. I am the accumulation of everything that came before me. I honor this to be most sacred.

A few words of advice for young Terry

Everything is part of your path, there are no bumps, only lessons. With each lesson, I am better and better.

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