Hey sexy!

Hey sexy, what's new with you? We've missed your face ...

Things have been a bit quiet from us lately, but we've not been lying down on the job. We've been busy searching the country for the hottest new artists and artisans for our latest collection and, honestly, we're pretty freaking excited about the results.

You can now shop the full SEXY NEW YORK cycle in all its yummy glory at maison10.com, but this is just a teaser. Think of it as foreplay ...


Our skin is a hella giant sponge. Now you can take it from weighed down to mellowed out in one, luxurious pouch of goodness. Meet the first-ever bath treatment that helps naturally refuel our bodies with nutrients like magnesium and vitamins B3 and B6 that help relieve that feeling of overwhelm. Lie back and let those heavy feels float away.



Introducing the only gift card you’ll ever need. An extension of our favorite merino wool felt wine markers Wine-O’s, this makes a great host gift (it’s even better when paired with a bottle of wine).



The revolutionary facial cleansing stick - New Romantic is a unique, travel-friendly design. Infused with rose clay and rosehip powder, it gently exfoliates, while jojoba beads ensure a deep cleanse without stripping your skin's natural oils. You’ll never go back to a liquid cleanser again.



A scented candle that brings to mind fog machines, vanilla lipgloss, and spiked punch, Slow Jam is the scent of basement parties and kissing in dark corners. And we know you know what we’re talking about! It’s giving us blackcurrant, lemonade, ginger, and bergamot on the top, settling into a musky tonic bean and patchouli base note. Watch out for mysterious love bites!



The iconic I HEART NY design gets a playful twist courtesy of artist CLoD's unique experience. Embracing the city's contradictions, this print is more than a statement piece — it's a conversation starter.



Infuse your home with the opulent fragrance of Montroi's Oud Monsson incense sticks - a spiritual scent inspired by the rainy monsoon days in the Rajasthan. Made with precious oud oils, this deep woody fragrance unveils deeper notes of musk and patchouli as it unfolds.



The cautious and silent seduction at an apartment party, Ambrette is inspired by the plant of the same name. Related to the hibiscus, it is ancient and precious - mentioned in treaties of Ayurvedic medicine while, in the 18th century, its ambery, musky smell was used to scent gloves and wigs... sexy seed!



Charcutes anyone? This handcrafted slice of amethyst with gilded edges is just begging for an opulent display of all your cheese board favorites. Rich and sophisticated, it’s as at home taking center stage in your fanciest of gatherings as it is hosting pizza night in your PJs.



It might not be diamonds - but it looks just as special. This crystal beaded necklace is 100% hand made in New York and will draw admiring glances anywhere you wear it … whether it's having breakfast at Tiffany's or lunch at Trader Joe’s.


10. ART

Julia Rivera has created an exquisite new series of sculptures, inspired by the famous Blue Nudes cut-outs by Henri Matisse. As someone who studied Matisse's work while living in Paris, she chose to create her Matissinas using gouache - the same distinctive paint used by Matisse - and epoxy clay. This beauty is part of a limited series of 10.


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