It's our anniversary!

We have two reasons to celebrate this week. Because #1 - have you seen the weather? It's glorious in New York, the skyscrapers are glittering in the sunshine, and we're feeling like we're emerging from the longest winter of our lives. Spring is in the air. 

#2 It's an unbelievable six months since we moved "home" to our OG storefront at 4 W29th Street, after two years occupying the loft space on 5th Avenue. We've grown to take over the amazing mezzanine level – now home to our monthly MKT – and rescued Kong, our beloved gorilla mascot.

If you haven't visited yet, we understand. It's been a weird old year. But as we slowly come out of our cocoons, with a healthier, more vibrant city (we've signed up to Dr B – a standby list for leftover vaccines), we'd be so happy to see your face. In the meantime, you can always get a taste of spring online – this is TomRi's dose of sunshine direct to your inbox. We love you!




1. LOVE 2021

For some, Florida Water is a nostalgic, floral scent with lemony overtones, remembered from childhood. For others, it’s a mysterious bottle with voodoo connotations. Unchanged since 1808, splash it on as an aftershave, or in the bath. Alternatively – much like sage – it has a spiritual quality, and can be used to cleanse and protect yourself and your space.


NASA’s magnificent space travel poster – combining nature with earth and water to form an anatomical heart – has been turned into a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Clear your weekend – you won't be done in a heartbeat!


Eight Saints calls little marvel “microdermabrasion in a jar.” A triple exfoliating bamboo body scrub, Zen Out of Ten contains peeling agents of ground olive seed, cranberry seed, and bamboo fiber, it will lead you on the path to softer, smoother skin. You’ll be glowing after just one use.


The second volume in Taschen’s Library of Esoterica series, Astrology delves into the vibrant visual history of Western astrology. From its birth as astronomy’s sister science, to our current Age of Aquarius, the story of this ancient practice is told through more than 400 images, from Egyptian temples to contemporary art, sequenced to mirror the spin of the planets and the wheel of the zodiac.


A MAISON 10 favorite! Flow Perfume Oil, by Made by Yoke Ayurveda Apothecary, features real rose petals swirling amidst a rich blend of apricot and almond oils, enhanced by the deep aroma of Turkish rose absolute and sandalwood.

Formulated for all three doshas, this lightweight wildcrafted botanical blend opens the heart, inspires warm acceptance, encourages self love, calms heightened emotional stress and enhances serenity. 


Stand clear of the closing doors, please. The Grand Central candle from Urban Lights is your destination scent for notes of clove, patchouli, and blonde woods. Mysterious and nostalgic, it evokes the grandeur of the majestic city landmark with the excitement of a coming journey.


Journey to the agave fields of Mexico from Kelly + Jones’ intoxicating Mezcal Blanca, a fragrant blend of sheer citrus and solar resins, developed in collaboration with mezcal experts in Oaxaca. You’ll detect notes of peppercorn, palm leaf, Oaxacan sea salt, juniper, and star anise in this smoky delight.


The stunning silver New York ring by HNDSM is inspired by The Flatiron Building, the skyscraper completed in 1902 which was, at the time, one of New York’s tallest buildings, fitting neatly into the triangular plot at the intersection of 5th Ave and Broadway.  The ring’s edge echoes that iconic triangular shape, and includes the coordinates of the building.


There’s an unmistakable hint of Oz in nead ceramics collection of four stunning, hand-built vessels. “There’s No Place Like Home” (Strand, Dorothy, Rope, and Doyle) features subtly erotic, hand-painted graphics in black, white, and red.

10. ART

Breathe. Doesn't that feel better? Julia Rivera's 14 x 14 inch oil and mixed media on wood panel piece is like a burst of spring for your wall.

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