Last week was EPIC!

If you made it out to the opening of our new cycle, SHADOWS + LIGHT, thank you thank you thank you. You helped make it one of our most successful launches to date. Six of our fabulous artists were in the house, along with some of our very favorite people. It was epic.

If you didn't, we missed you. But you can still get a taste of the day with these bestsellers from the new collection. We're adding more gorgeous things every day, but for the full, IRL, glorious Technicolor, touchy feely experience, come visit us in store, in person. You know you want to.


From the Emmy award-winning creative studio Skin Deep comes this series of cards designed to spark meaningful conversation, explore human connection, and deepen relationships in the digital age. Draw a card, ask the question, and see where the conversation takes you. Available in packs for the family, friends, couples, kids, strangers, and just for shits and giggles.


lost forest scented candle


Take a powerfully aromatic journey through a smoldering evergreen forest, where you’ll smell an amalgam of arboreal heavy-hitters: young cedar, balsam fir, cypress, and blue spruce, haunted by a lingering base of woodsmoke. This is a small batch product handmade in Vermont, and we’re in lust.


sheer silk zodiac print scarf


The Zodiac Scarf by Ulve New York is printed on ultra-sheer, floaty, feels-so-good-on-your-skin silk chiffon, and features the 12 classic signs of the Zodiac, lovingly illustrated with an accompanying glyph, ruling planet and element. It measures 36 inches square, and is available in two gorgeous colorways.


craighill jack desk puzzle


Try Craighill’s infuriating Jack Puzzle at your peril. How can six little notched brass bars be so damned difficult? They interlock perfectly to create a beautiful desk ornament or objet. Take it apart, and  you may never get it back together again …


meri lelu herb facial oil


A high-performance facial oil cleanly crafted with potent full flower hemp extract and 13 active botanicals formulated for maximum healing. Restore and refresh with your new favorite bedtime ritual — and wake up to healthy, hydrated, glowing skin.


quartz fragrance meditation gift set


Designed to enhance your meditation practice and set intentions, these gorgeous meditation sets by Van Dang come in a variety of crystals. Choose from rose quartz to promote love and self love; amethyst for enlightenment and inner strength; tourmaline for inspiration and prosperity; smoky quartz to dispel negativity; flourite to neutralize negative energy and stress; or citrine to revitalize the mind. Each crystal comes with a porcelain pedestal and specially created perfume oil.


smoky quartz crystal collar jacqueline rose


A stunningly simple, gorgeously bold collar necklace from Jacqueline Rose, one of our favorites back by popular demand. A string of clear, smoky quartz cylinder beads, with a gold fill and garnet extender, it’s effortlessly contemporary.


quartana parfum ierofante buy new york


The divine fragrance Ierofante, by Quartana Parfum, conjures up the Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece, which were celebrated for a thousand years, and were based on the myth of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. The story of separation and reunion served as a catalyst for spiritual enlightenment. The scent? We’re glad you asked. You’ll get suede, gasoline accord, nutmeg, smoky leather, golden amber, and vetiver for your own spiritual experience.


kartell colored vase bowl in pink and blue buy new york


Kartell's stunning Shibuya vase – as intricately designed with a depth of color as if it were blown glass from Murano – instantly makes plastic “precious”. The lid transform it from a bowl to a vase, making it so much more than simply a decorative objects. Available in two luscious colorways (stock is extremely limited).


carl barnett abstact art buy new york

10. ART

Carl Barnett is an NYC-based artist whose work delves into: life and the self; time and direction; where we've been; where we are and; where we're going. Through the dialogue between the person and the painting, and at times references to the Rorschach Test, it explores who we are. This untitled acrylic on canvas piece measures a room-defining 60" x 48".


“We don't always want the light to touch us. Sometimes shadows, sometimes dimness and sometimes pitch darkness should touch us so that we long for the light."

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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