New beginnings at MAISON 10

Happy spring! We’re feeling energized and revitalized, thanks to an injection of New York sunshine this weekend. And, yes, we know it could still snow in April, but we’re making the most of the gorgeous weather and soaking up some much-needed Vitamin D. 

Now, in celebration of the new season, these are our 10 favorite things for spring.


We’re cooking up a storm with LOST iN’s fabulous Cooks book, with incredible recipes from all over the world – from salted cod from Reykjavik to a rosewater pavlova from an Australian chef in Berlin. Until we can travel for real, this is the next best thing.


2. LOVE 2021

The equinox is an ideal time to do some personal reflection and meditation, as we reset for the new season. Make the Empower aromatherapy roll-on – made with rose geranium, frankincense, and cypress – part of that ritual. Roll on pulse points – behind the ears, or side of neck – and feel the benefits throughout the day.



Hand sanitizer has never been a more essential part of our world, but all wipes are not created equal. These powerful purifiers are made using biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers, with 65% alcohol and –crucially – infused with moisturizing aloe, so you won’t crack up with the stress of it all.



Back in stock! You begged us to get more Black Rose candles, and we heard your pleas. Breathe in that rich, sophisticated sandalwood and agarwood scent while stocks last.



All winter, our fingers and toes have been bundled up, out of sight. But those low-maintenance days are over – schedule your own personal mani pedi with this kit, that contains everything you need to recreate a professional manicure at home. And because Sundays nail polish is 10-free, it means it won’t harm you, animals, or the planet.



Our go-to wellness kit is packed with everything you need to get through the change of season: a plant-based hand sanitizer, a body serum to relieve dryness, an antibacterial powerhouse roll-on for an aromatherapy boost, and a breathable cotton face mask – all bundled up in a take-anywhere, reusable pouch.



What’s that you say? Barbecue season? This modern take on the traditional chef’s apron is made from Japanese denim, with antique silver rivets and leather trim. Clean cut with a sharp silhouette, it has a slim, angled pocket at the chest and a waist pocket. Bring on the burgers ...



Made in London by Sarah McCartney, 4160Tuesdays is one of Henri’s favorite artisanal perfumers. This scent, Rosa Ribes, is inspired by the blackcurrant bushes and raspberry canes in Sarah's tiny garden – a perfect balance of rose and fruit, with a warm chypre heart.



Sun’s out. Which means just one thing: new sunnies. These gorgeous shades are designed in Swedish Lapland and hand-made in Greece – a perfect combination of sleek style and craftsmanship. 


10. ART

Ethan Cornell's Splendid Summer is a bold, beautiful vision of a field of grass, painted by oil on aluminum plates, and mounted on wood with nails. Stunning.











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