Our bestselling bar tower is back

With a smidgen over a week to go before we change to our new 'QUEER + SEXY' cycle (we get all hot and bothered saying it ... or is that just the weather?) time is running out to pick up your 'ALL WOMAN' favorites before they're gone for good. These are June's biggest, baddest bestsellers. Grab them while you still can.


The ancient Ayurvedic art of body brushing helps shed dead skin cells, and stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Use this brush on dry skin, in the morning before showering, or in the shower for a more gentle exfoliation. Either way, your skin is going to glow, you gorgeous thing, you.



Summer picnics call for refreshing cocktails and sundowners. This book, by master mixologist Nick Mautone, will hit the spot, including the recipes for brilliant beverages, along with info on prepping ahead of time, choosing the right drinkware, and how to use sorbet ice cubes for a burst of flavor #knowledgebomb.



Every relationship is different, but we’re all looking for the same thing: a deeper connect to our fellow humans. This deck of cards is a tool to help couples get to know each other on a more authentic level, practicing vulnerability and discovering things you never knew about each other. Dare you dive in?



Scrub a dub-dub, to keep your skin tanalicious. We can’t get enough of this tangerine oil-scented, gently exfoliating cactus scrub because 1) it’s made by a woman-owned company (shout out to the sisters) and 2) it’s 100% vegan, cruelty free, and made without synthetic fragrances or dyes.



A toner that is so much more than a toner. Pat a few drops on the face and this multi-tasking bad boy moisturizes and helps reduce the number and size of pores, bringing balance back to the skin. If you need a little exfoliation, drop some on a cotton pad instead, and let it work its magic.



We already know you love our signature petitgrain hand sanitizer, because it’s sold out about a gazillion times and you keep coming back for more. May we now draw your attention to this ... *drumroll ... candle, made by the same perfumer, Casa Posta. Its gentle scent of green fig, cedar wood, and pink peppercorn will seduce you all over again. Swoon.



A scent where the Catskills waterfalls meet the Yucatán jungle; smoky mezcal, fern leaves, wet stone, and a touch of mystery. That’s Mezcal Verde, the latest fragrance from Kelly + Jones. Deliciously different.



The evil eye is one of the strongest symbolic images in the world, going back many centuries. Wearing one as a talisman is said to keep you safe – and has been growing in popularity since Meghan Markle was spotted wearing the symbol on a necklace. She said it was "to ward off negative energy" and she should know all about that. This gorgeous scapular one in turquoise and 14k gold plate features an eye on the front and the back, so you will always be protected.



The ingenious Pixa bar tower is back in stock. A stunning, sculptural piece while not in use, it disassembles to become an ice bucket, cocktail shaker, wine cooler, and drinks tray. Ta da!


10. ART

If you heard Elyse Harrison speak at Friday Night Live last week, you’ll be itching to collect her work. This one, Sparkle of an Unseen Sun, is an example of her colorful, comic book aesthetic, but hints at a deeper place, where she is inspired by the European Surrealists who “worked without regard for convention and favored the interplay of conscious reality and subconscious dreams in their work.”


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