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Can we talk about the weather for a hot second? Just when you start to think spring is here, the New York forecast threatens snow. And downpours. And plunging temperatures. But while we no longer have any idea how to dress in the morning, we're here to tell you that, in an uncertain world, you can always count on us to deliver a little slice of beauty to your inbox. These are our 10 bestsellers this week – including the gorgeous new sell-out incense that is available for pre-order.


These little peony-shaped soaps make the perfect party favor for guests … or just look gorgeous in your own bathroom. Each cutie is gently scented with floral essential oils – but we’re guessing you’ll think it's far too pretty to actually get wet.



The iconic M10 beanie is fast becoming a style staple that has been spotted all over the world. Available in multiple classic and neon colors, which one will you choose?



Let’s be honest, they look kind of weird. But put the Orbits cooling stones in the fridge, then just a couple of minutes on your tired old eyes will relieve all the strain of a day in front of a computer. They’re also heaven if you suffer from allergies. You’ll never resort to cucumber slices again.



This adorable pair of marble bowls can be used for salt and pepper – or any other spices or condiments that need a place to live. They sit snuggly in the mango wood base, and the set includes a cute salt spoon for sprinkling. Take it as a host gift next time you get invited to that ski lodge in Vermont.



A combination of santal, sandalwood, black cardamom, and musk, the Alpha meditation candle is all about empowerment. Use it to set personal intentions – or just because it looks gorgeous. And that rocks glass can be used to empower your drinks cart once it’s finished burning.



Damn! Montroi’s new rose and geranium incense sticks were in stock for just three days before we sold out. But a fresh, new batch is winging its way to West 29h St as we speak. Pre-order yours now for an intense, dreamy scent of red roses.



Hue, the first signature fragrance from gay popstress (aka Lesbian Jesus) Hayley Kiyoko is described as an expression of liberation, freedom, and self empowerment. Our all-time bestseller, with orders from around the world, it has top notes of blood orange, watermelon, and freesia, building into undertones of creamy cacao blanc and sensual skin musk, it is unapologetically gender fluid. And it’s exclusive to MAISON 10.



A replenishing bioadaptive moisturizer that acts as a daily topical vitamin to support hormonally stressed skin. This clever cream delivers customized hydration, responding to your skin’s unique needs, delivering up to 72 hours of protection against inflammation, dehydration, and flare-ups. Even more genius – it does all of this without silicones, sulfates, fragrance, or hormone disruptors.



This limited-edition Kūfiya infinity scarf can be worn in a multitude of ways (hence the name). Wide enough to cover the head and long enough to double wrap around the neck, it’s fully lined with a super soft, vegan fur to keep you stylishly warm, and it’s hand-sourced in Palestine in support of local small businesses. Also available in red and white.


10. ART

The depth of layering and subtle textures of Sahba Shere’s stunning flowerscapes have to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. The intense colors of this Burnt Orange version evoke a kind of otherworldly dream of the natural world. 



“In a world full of daisies, dare to be a rose.”
Matshona Dhliwayo


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