We’re cock-a-hoop to unveil our new QUEER + SEXY curation – it's as steamy as a New York summer (but smells a whole lot sweeter). Feast your eyes on these beautiful bestsellers.


An intoxicating combination of Tunisian neroli and Mediterranean sea salt, and infused with ylang ylang botanica, Wake Up Call from Hudson Candles has summer all wrapped up.



Tamanohada’s soap on a rope is perfect even for those who have sensitive skin. It moisturizes with its milky texture, protecting while delivering a delicate scent of lily. Great for showers, it also makes an ideal housewarming gift – in Japanese culture, the fish brings good fortune. Also available in juicy red pomegranate and spicy black muscovado.



Let's get down to business, boys and girls – it’s time to talk lubrication. This brilliant bedroom essential has just two organic ingredients, protecting our most delicate of private parts. One of those ingredients is 400mg broad-spectrum CBD, which helps increase blood flow, relax muscles, and manage any sexy pain gently and naturally. 



Keep young and beautiful if you want to be loved. At least, that’s what the song says. Of course, we know everyone is worthy of love … but it doesn't hurt to give Mother Nature a little helping hand. Cheat Death is a super potent face and eye cream loaded with powerful ingredients that help to steam-roll wrinkles, erase fine lines, and work to build youthful elasticity back into your skin.



Hue, the first signature fragrance from gay popstress (aka Lesbian Jesus) Hayley Kiyoko is described as an expression of liberation, freedom, and self empowerment. With top notes of blood orange, watermelon, and freesia, building into undertones of creamy cacao blanc and sensual skin musk, it is unapologetically gender fluid. And it’s exclusive to MAISON 10.



If you’ve already seen photographer Eva Mueller’s stunning, backlit images of erect black penises posed alongside exotic blooms, you’ll know what lies within the pages of Flowers & Chocolate. This limited edition book accompanies the exhibition. You can see the photographs in the delicious flesh at MAISON 10.



The artist Stuart Sandford has been shooting 35mm film since his art school days back in the UK. Since that time, he’s lived, worked, and travelled extensively across Europe, America, South Africa, and Russia, taking photographs of friends and lovers along the way. This book collects many of those in one place for the first time, some of which have never been published before.



Heath Wagoner’s very special salad servers are hand made in high-polish brass, bringing a sense of occasion to wherever you’re dining – whether it be summer picnics in the park, rooftop dinners, or impromptu, intimate dinner parties.



Vera Klau’s Cocora Reflex bracelet is all feminine curves and natural beauty – sterling silver plated in 24k gold, and handmade in Spain. It’s a piece to wear and love every day.


10. ART

Born in Peru and based in New York, Victor-Raul Garcia"s abstract paintings – in acrylics, spray paints, and pastels – explore what it means to be human, telling elaborate stories not with a paintbrush, but using non-traditional tools including squeegees, palette knives, and his own fingers. This piece, Carnies, incorporates acrylic and spray paint on paper and measures 18“ x 12“.


“However some things may look queer to you, remember that the world is a beautiful rainbow with many colors. No colors, no rainbow. No rainbow, no beauty. Long live the queerness.”

Mehmet Murat ildan

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