MAISON 10, the New York art gallery/concept store that specializes in work by iconic artists and contemporary designers, is marking its fifth anniversary with an all-new show Queer + Sexy.

Launched by husband-and-husband owners Tom Blackie and Henri Myers on July 10, 2016, MAISON 10 has become a key player in the NY arts and events scene.

Exhibiting artists for the birthday show include:


Tom's legendary images had a tremendous influence on emerging notions of human sexuality in general, and masculinity in particular. Once the epitome of outsider art, the artist is now an unlikely cause celebre in the arts establishment and he is acknowledged as one of the five most influential artists of the last century. His work can be viewed in leading museums including The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Los Angeles, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New York and Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki.


Carl works in film, video, installation, sculpture, neon, photography and print. Inspired by immortality, he juxtaposes various objects and mediums creating powerful liminal sculptures. As Adrian Searle, art critic of The Independent, wrote: Hopgoods work depends as much on the awkwardness of his medium as the novelty of the spectacle.

The Chair sculptures which will be exhibited at MAISON 10 were created during the past two years, inspired during the lockdown and pandemic. I would walk past bars and restaurants in my local area and see chairs and stools stacked up in the window. It was like a ghost town. The work centers on personal disclosure and became his therapy just like Gestalt Therapy - The Empty Chair Technique.

Carls work is in several public and private collections including Londons Groucho Club, the Jumex Museum, the Vinik Family Foundation and Morgan Freeman.


German-born Eva is a non-binary New York-based photographer and conceptual artist. Eva likes to challenge our perception of gender, beauty, taboos, racism, and sexuality. The wit, often injected into their work, makes it easier for the viewer after an initial hard swallow to reconsider their perspective and question their judgements. Evas work is included in Charles Leslies iconic Phallus Palace in Soho.


Working across (and often combining) different media, including photography, sculpture, painting, moving image, and installation, Stuart examines the concepts of sexuality, masculinity and the body. Hes been featured extensively in publications including i-D, Dazed & Confused, and BUTT, and collectors of his work include Sir Elton John.


The creative force behind Elements by DW, Brooklyn-based Danyelle creates one-of-a-kind artworks, accessories, and homewares that reflect her fascination with spirituality and the natural world.


After earning a masters degree in psychology and a PhD in existential philosophy, Chris was teaching at NYU and felt something was missing. Philosophy took me to painting because of looking at things and trying to see them in a way that isnt preconceived. In addition to her hometown of New Orleans, a frequent subject of Chris work is LGBTQ life in New York City at spots like the Chelsea Piers and the now shuttered Florent. Queer is a word I love, Chris says. What affected me so much about being queer in New York City is the freedom.


Don"t let these seemingly dainty china dishes and ornaments deceive you look a little more closely and one vase might be an erect penis, a rosebud fits perfectly in a butt hole, and a floral plate is adorned with the legend Wet Ass Pussy. Not for Great Aunt Doris or Great Uncle Mo.


Using bright colors and black lines, Chris Marmier expresses his vision of the world highlighting some details, giving it a little twist, and opening it up to different interpretations. Everything around him is a source of inspiration, whether news, history, or fiction, and each of his artworks is a story an invitation to pause and take time to study the multitude of details.


Miss Morgan Lang describes herself as an artist, writer, dancer, ex-CEO, ex-male, ex-physicist. Based in New York City, her style tends towards the surreal, using strong symbols and imagery to express complex subjects and emotions. Her ideas are based on her observations of human behavior as well as her own personal struggle with gender identity and the tug-of-war between masculine and feminine.


Born in Peru and based in New York, Victor-Raul Garcia"s abstract paintings in acrylics, spray paints, and pastels explore what it means to be human, telling elaborate stories not with a paintbrush, but using non-traditional tools including squeegees, palette knives, and his own fingers.


Bronx-born, Puerto Rican-raised Julia has been MAISON 10's best-selling artist for nearly four years, and we've shipped her pieces all over the world. Her work continues to evolve from large-scale, politically charged art to bold, empowering paintings, and beautiful, witty sculptures with a hidden message.


The starting place for Pamelas art came from the study of architecture, and a fascination with dimension, form, and texture. Using shades ranging from organic tones to pure primary colors, she then slices, scrapes and tussles to add texture, creating a work that is abstract, but often hinting at familiar shapes.

The exhibition runs until 17th September 2021.

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