Ten little treasures

It has never been more crucial that we support small businesses. These are some of our favorites, but there are many more that need your dollars to survive the coming months. We hope you get the chance to discover these gems for yourself and, if you can’t make the journey in person, visit them online. We think these are all pretty special small businesses that have survived or thrived during the lockdown and everything that 2020 has thrown at them.

1. Iconic Fashion Designer YEOHLEE

2. Luxury Shirt Maker CEGO

3. Best Irish Pub John Doe

4. Glovemaker to the Stars Wing + Weft Gloves

5. The Coolest Menswear Store Fine and Dandy

6. New Kids on the (Chopping) Block Public Image NYC

7. Delicious Food and Cocktails at the Breslin

8. Classic Indian Style at Vintage India NYC

9. Great Coffees and Teas at ‘Paper’ at Made Hotels

10. Favorite Florist in the Flower District Associated Cut Flower

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