The rainbow wrap we didn't know we needed (just in time for Pride)

Every month is Pride month for us. But today’s message comes with an extra flourish of a rainbow flag and a nostalgic flip of our drag wigs (any excuse!). Happy Pride month, everyone. There will be events aplenty at MAISON 10 as we mark the fight for LGBTQ+ rights that started at the Stonewall riots in 1969 and continues today. Your support of businesses like ours, a gay-owned gallery that celebrates queer designers and our artist allies, is a big part of that fight, and we thank you.

And so, without further ado, these are this week’s best sellers, including a must-have rainbow cashmere wrap (Hello! Who DOESN’T need that?!) and espresso mugs made by our favorite pottergays.


Do paper airplanes ever get old? We don't think so. This magical Pocket Flyers book by Ken Blackburn and Jeff Lammers contains entertainment for days – 12 models that create 69 planes in total, from the Skyhawk to the Saber, Phoenix to the B-2 Buzz Bomber. Fold them up and watch them fly.



Are you yearning for better sleep? More profound meditation? Or just a few more minutes of peace and quiet? *raises hand for all three ... This lavender and flax seed-filled aromatherapy eye pillow from Made by Yoke will do the job with bells on, helping for everything from anxiety management to a better night’s slumber.



Nailed it! Goddess is a luscious, golden green polish, equal parts elegance, glamour, and guts. But don’t let that bold color deceive you – Emelie Heathe’s products are 10 free – meaning they have none of the harmful chemicals contained in most other nail polishes. And they’re enhanced with bamboo extract, sea buckthorn oil, and other goodies to keep your nails healthy and reveal the true goddess you are. 



The hat that trumps ALL hats, this adjustable, iridescent crown is EVERYTHING! Wear it with pride (and a regal swagger). 



There are all kinds of tempting scents at play in FVITH’s Garden of God candle. Starting with purifying spearmint, you then get hints of basil, black currant bud, ginger, and clove. And the whole thing bursts open with a sinful bite of apple, and a pure vanilla musk base. Are you Adam or Eve?



Every morning looks a little brighter when you share your coffee in Nead Pots’ individually hand-built and hand-painted espresso cups. Designed and made here in New York, and available in sets of two.


If you’re still not carrying around a reusable shopping bag then - um - why? It saves the planet AND saves you dollars. Pop this rainbow one in your pocket and you’re good to go. (It’s even shaped like a rainbow when it’s folded up!)



Seven – the number of perfection. Often considered the luckiest of all numbers, it is significant in many spiritual practices. And even if you believe in making your own luck, this woody, chypre fragrance containing notes of juniper berries, bergamot, frankincense, jasmine, oud, patchouli, vetiver, and sandalwood will transport you to a state of inner peace. Or you’ll just smell really nice.



Maybe you need this for your summer travels. Maybe it’s for those frigid AC venues on hot, steamy summer nights. Either way, you NEED this rainbow cashmere wrap from White + Warren. Seriously, we’re wondering what we ever did without it.


10. ART

Joanne Handler’s artist talk tonight is already sold out (sorry!) but you can now view her work online, and this incredible acrylic and resin on canvas teardrop Pink (there’s a partner piece in blue) – is getting ALL the attention.


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