We have a confession to make

OK, we have a confession to make… you know these weekly emails that are so beautifully crafted and somehow perfectly capture the voice and ethos of MAISON 10? They’re – um – not actually written by us.

Some of you already know Ruth Walker – who has been helping streamline our communications for the last year, writing blog posts and managing mailers. She even spearheaded our fundraiser at the beginning of the year.

So we felt it was time to introduce her formally and to take a moment to get to know her better. Ruth, take a bow…

First, a quick sales pitch – who you are and what you do?

In a previous life I’ve been a senior fashion journalist, a travel and food writer, celebrity interviewer, and magazine editor. Now I work with brands to help them tell their stories effectively and develop a genuine relationship with their audience.

What are you excited about right now?

Going home! Woohoo! The US is finally lifting its ban on foreign nationals entering the country in November, so I get to go back to Scotland and hug the family and friends I haven’t seen in nearly two years. I can’t wait.

How did you discover MAISON 10?

A mutual friend in Hell’s Kitchen introduced us – they figured we’d have a lot in common and they were right. Both Tom and I are Scottish, for starters (though, we’ve yet to discover a single connection in common back in Edinburgh), and we all have a passion for community building, while Henri and I shared loads of stories about our time working with fashion and brands. Also, they’re both just really funny and warm and gorgeous and generous. Who wouldn’t love them?

What are your favorite things you’ve bought there?

Where to begin? So many bags. Fvith’s Garden of God candle. I recently got Mara Peralta’s curb chain link ring and necklace for my daughter’s birthday (she’s super stylish and really hard to please, so these were a real find). I wear a lot of Jacto jewelry (one of my other lovely clients). And, as I type this, I’m looking at CLoD’s lovely Lips art on my wall.

What book changed your life?

When I first took the plunge and left my safe and fabulous job as lifestyle editor at Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman, to become CEO of a fashion tech start-up, the book that was most influential was Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. But, more recently, The Book of Joy, co-written by the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu, was a powerful companion through some tough times.

What qualities do you value most in people?

Honor, compassion, kindness. And, while it’s an overused word these days, authenticity. Please, whatever you do, be real.

If there was an Olympics for everyday activities, what would you win gold in?

Drinking water. I hydrate like a champ!

What is your proudest moment of all time?

Watching my three children grow up into brilliant, funny, astonishingly well-adjusted adults is a source of enormous pride. And getting my O1 visa – otherwise known as the “genius” visa – was pretty special.

A few words of advice for young Ruth …

Beautiful, precious girl, try not to take everything so seriously. Take more risks. Be generous with your heart. Speak kindly to yourself every day. Learn early on how to set loving, clear boundaries. Drink less tequila. Have more sex. Moisturize. Hydrate. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

Find out more about Ruth and the work she does on her website.

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