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Acrylic on canvas

15 inches 


About Goldloxe:
Goldloxe is the anonymous pseudonym of a New York-based painter and street artist who works in both the fine art and street art worlds.

Born in Northern Ireland, she studied at Manchester School of Art and Saint Martin's School of Art. Her work has been featured in exhibits in New York, London, and Hong Kong, and has appeared in major publications, including The Sunday Times, The Economist, The Independent, Sodazine and The Creative Review.

Her childhood in Belfast, surrounded by political murals, sparked her fascination with permissionless public art. Street art, by its very nature, defies conventional boundaries, challenging the norms of who is allowed to create and display art, and where.

Since 2015, she has been posting as Goldloxe on walls in cities around the world, embracing the transient and accessible nature of street art. Her character "Goldloxe" was inspired by the concept of the Goldilocks Zone and how all of us are cosmic lottery winners, incredibly lucky to be living on a planet where conditions are "just right" for life to exist.